06 November 2009


The 2009 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ shows that 17,291 species out of the 47,677 assessed species are threatened with extinction. Craig Hilton-Taylor, Manager of the IUCN Red List Unit, says “these results are just the tip of the iceberg. We have only managed to assess 47,663 species so far; there are many more millions out there which could be under serious threat".

The IUCN results reveal that 30 percent of all known amphibians, and 28 percent of reptiles assessed so far are under threat.
Of the 1,677 reptiles on the IUCN Red List, 469 are threatened with extinction and 22 are already Extinct or Extinct in the Wild.
The IUCN Red List shows that “1,895 of the planet’s 6,285 amphibians are in danger of extinction, making them the most threatened group of species known to date. Of these, 39 are already Extinct or Extinct in the Wild, 484 are Critically Endangered, 754 are Endangered and 657 are Vulnerable”.

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