28 November 2009


A Hawksbill Sea Turtle ("Tortuga Carey", Eretmochelys imbricata) was rescued by the Marine Turtle Work Group of Venezuela’s Gulf -Grupo de Trabajo en Tortugas Marinas del Golfo de Venezuela- (GTTM-GV) at Caimare Chico beach, in the Gulf of Venezuela, last November 16th.
          This reptile was accidentally trapped in a handmade fishing net; the fisherman, who was already aware of the work this group executes, activated the Opportune Information Network – Zulia (RAO-Zulia) that lead the team to its encounter. At present it is very weak, nevertheless it has satisfactorily responded to the rehabilitation process; its physiological conditions are perfectly normal, it has very good appetite and it is hunting little shrimp that are put in its proximity.
         This rescue is extremely special, because it is referred to one of the species of marine turtles (E. imbricata) that are in critic danger of extinction; this is why it is exceedingly important for the GTTM-GV to get this magnificent specimen healthy and release it under the best conditions so that it has higher opportunities of survival. On the other hand, it is repeatedly questioned the reason why this little chelonian was found on the coastal waters of the Venezuelan Gulf.

It is important to highlight that the whole process of rescuing, rehabilitation and immediate reintegration of this specimen within its environment is under this team’s responsibility, and it is supported by the Wash Ashore Attention Network of Zulia State (Minamb, ICLAM, LUZ, InsoPESCA, among others).

Text by Erika Simonaro. 
Source: GTTM-GV 20/11/2009. (, Facebook: GTTM-GV)


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