30 December 2009


Visiting the web site "Frogs: A Chorus of Colors" is a delightful experience, like the actual exhibition itself held at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) for the last days (up to January 3rd, 2010).

Enter this web site to enjoy the diversity of frogs and to feed your knowledge on this interesting and threatened group of vertebrates.

The site includes a beautiful series of frogs  (mostly tropical), part of a large collection that includes more than 70 frog species at the exhibition. Through a collection of live-pictured specimens, the web site teaches you  through tips on aspects like amphibian evolution, reproduction, ecology facts, global declines, details on morphology, and much, much more. Enhance your knowledge on frogs by also reading a large list of “frog fun facts”.

To learn more, visit the section on the herpetological holdings at the AMNH, and the research that is or has been carried out by the museum around the World (mostly on tropical countries).

Do not miss a terrarium with a real-time live web cam, where you can see frogs in action. And to close your multimedia experience, listen to the calls of different tropical frog species. This site is a must for frog lovers!

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