24 October 2009


HERPETOTROPICOS is seeking original contributions on subjects pertaining to tropical amphibians and reptiles. If you have a potential article, please contact:


Herpetotropicos is an international peer-reviewed, indexed and open access scientific journal, launched in 2004, specially devoted to tropical amphibians and reptiles from all over the World. The official languages are English and Spanish (with abstracts and legends to figures and tables in both languages). The journal publishes two issues per year. In addition to the printed edition (ISSN 1690-7930), there is a simultaneous online edition (ISSN 1856-9285). Authors are permitted to distribute, for private uses, printed copies of their published articles, as well as to post final pdf’s on a personal website, an institutional repository, or any other free public server. Herpetotropicos currently make efforts to increase both the authorship and readership of the journal in tropical countries.

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