01 April 2013

Global Taxonomic Diversity of Living Reptiles

A recent paper published in PLOS investigates the patterns of reptile lineage taxonomic diversity both within and among clades, at different levels of the phylogenetic hierarchy, based on a comprehensive dataset of all living reptile species described and considered valid since Linneaus until March 2012.

Reptile Database Reverses Courses, Places All Anoles Back Into Anolis

A recent post highlights recent changes in Anoles taxonomy (all Anoles going back to the genus Anolis, again!) Follow the saga in the link to Anole Annals

A new Website is available on the Orinoco cayman (Crocodylus intermedius). The objective of this site is to offer information on the natural history and other aspects of interest about the Orinoco cayman, an endangered species in critical danger of extinction that is distributed in the Orinoco lowlands of Colombia and Venezuela. The web is in Spanish and can be accessed at this link:

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